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...So, it's been nearly, I dunno, like two years (or more) since I last posted anything on my blog. My last blog entry was the announcement that I was finally pregnant and oh my my, what ride it has been! The pregnancy FLEW by! I worked so much & was so sick and exhuasted that I didn't keep up with blogging but I did keep a VERY detailed journal that I wrote in at least twice a week for the duration of the pregnancy. I'm going to give it to our daughter one day when she's old enough to appreciate it. I will probably go through it and blog some of my old entries every now and again.

We were thrilled to welcome Emery Noel Phillips into our arms on Tuesday, February 8, 2011. She weighed 6 lbs, 10 oz and was 19 inches long. She just turned TWO! I can't believe it...time both flies and crawls. She was a healthy infant with the exception of yucky colic and acid reflux. She was definitely a high maintenance baby (wonder where she got that?)! And now she's a TODDLER - WHEW! She keeps Mama & Daddy on their toes! She began sleeping through the night at 16 weeks old and Brad and I couldn't have been more thankful! It was the "break" we needed. I had terrible guilt associated with not really "loving" motherhood. I wasn't the warm fuzzy Mom that LOVED being at home. I recognize that millions of women wish/dream they could stay at home...I recognize the privilege, believe me. But I also recognize that God wires us each differently and gifts us specifically - and I am, without a doubt, an EXTROVERT. So being at home with an infant that only screamed and spewed was not ideal. It was not what the Rom-Coms and the Parenting magazines promised. It wasn't sweet and beautiful...it was awful! If I showered once a week during the first four months of Emmy's life, that was a success. Don't judge me...okay, judge me. I don't care. I survived! And Brad survived! And Emery survived! By the grace of God's goodness, we survived! 

So now I'm back to blogging. I'll be more faithful. I promise. Pinkie swear. I have new inspiration in my heart & mind to keep me steadfast...and I'll tell you about that inspiration later this week, but for now I gotta run!

Till then...

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Jessica Phillips

Jessica is worshiper and follower of Jesus. He rescued her heart at age 6 but he rescued her calling, purpose and direction in her early 20's. Everyday God is still writing Jessica's story. It involves her husband, Brad, her daughter, Emery, their extended families. But the story is a tale of loss of life and dark grief. And the story ebs and weaves and the grief story is followed by weddings and laughter. And what comes next? A Baby! God sends us a baby to shape and teach and grow right in the midst of our loss and realizing that life actually moves forward. We didn't think it would again after he died. But life just did what it was supposed to do...and it went on. And hope is born again. Everything I write is based on this fact: I'm God's child, I'm alive today. So what do You want me to do for You? Because I want my contribution to matter. I want to leave a legacy.