Welcome to my misbehaved life! Here's my life at a glimpse: I worship and follow Jesus. He holds my heart, my life and my purpose. I love my husband, Brad, and my baby girl, Emery. They keep me grounded and give direction to my sometimes all-too-selfish heart. I laugh to the point of snorting and crying when I'm with my sister and mom. Social media junky. Hashtag abuser. #hashtag My family calls me "artsy-fartsy". I like to read and write and analyze and over-anazlyze, but I can NOT do math. "I picked pretty" is my answer to all math and/or science questions. Above all, I want to love people and help them on this journey of life. If we don't use our stories to help others, then I believe what God's brought us through was a waste. And I've been through enough to know that I don't want my life to be wasted.

So, welcome to my life! Disclaimer: I'm well-intentioned but usually misbehaved. But I know God loves me and can use me despite me. And I know He can use you, too.